Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Sorry......

That is all I can say for the horrible job of posting I've been doing....I am trying to keep this up so Logan can have a book of his first year like I did for Austin, but I can tell you already his book is going to be a LOT smaller!! It's tough to find time when there's two of them:):) So...I'm going to try to do my best to recap what has been going on in our lives since Christmas.
  • Logan is getting soo big. He is finally rolling and crawling. He started rolling about mid-January and then moved to getting up on all fours and rocking a little bit and then finally last week he started crawling. He is still in the slow moving stage, but I'm sure it wont be too long and he'll be going a hundred miles an hour stealing all of Austin's toys and making him mad:):)
  • We are completely eating big people food and he finally is eating:):) Man...that baby food was sure a struggle for him and I am glad we are finally beyond that stage. I finally gave up at one point and took what was left in our cupboards over to our neighbors house because he just completely refused to eat it.
  • We are finally sleeping through the night again....he was sleeping through the night early on, then about 6 months-8 months he started waking up every night between 2-3 again. This went on for about 7-8 weeks and I couldn't take it anymore. I called his pediatrician and asked how much crying was traumatizing to a child. We had tried to let him "cry it out" right when we came back from Christmas, but he had cried for almost 3 hours, so I just gave up....but at this point I was ready to let him cry all night long if it took that:):) (I know...that sounds bad, but when you've been up every night for 2 months you are willing to do just about anything!!!) But, apparently all it took was a call to the pediatrician and a little talk with him. I explained to Logan that we loved him a lot but he was took big to get up at night and need a bottle and that if he woke up at night we weren't going to come in there anymore....and wahlah.....he slept all night long straight through!!! And he has ever since. There has only been maybe 2 nights since that we have had any problems, other then that we have been sleeping all night long.......I almost forgot what that felt like:):)
  • Logan's tricks he can do now: clap when you chear; wave good bye; say da-da...of course that would be his first word:); pull himself up on toys to atleast his knees and sometimes a standing position; I think that is about it for now.....
  • Now.... a little on Austin.... he is getting so grown-up. he is very helpful with Logan and loves his little brother, and Logan loves him too. Austin can always make Logan laugh, even when he's crying:):) Austin knows his colors, his alphabet, can count to 20, and is completely potty trained (except for the occasional accident of course). He loves cars....and like balls and sports. His dad sure wishes that was the other way around and I have to continuously remind him he is two:):) He is still a huge mommas boy...lets hope Logan is a daddy's boy otherwise we might be in trouble:):)
I will try to upload some new photos of the boys in the next few days..they are definitely changing a lot!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas was extra special this year....for one thing I got to participate....last year I had to work christmas day and then was supposed to head back to North Platte when I got off at 3, but we got a huge snow storm and the interstate was closed for 3 days and I was stuck here by myself, while Matt and Austin were in North was HORRIBLE!!! It was also extra special because Logan joined our family this year. He didn't quite have a clue what was going on, but Austin loved opening both their presents:):) Austin was old enough this Christmas to understand a little bit what was going on, despite the fact that he thinks Christmas is a thing. Whenever we drive by a yard that was decorated with Christmas decorations he would scream, "Look Christmas!!" Maybe next year we'll get the concept that it is a day:):) He loves opening presents and was super spoiled by his grandparents and lots of other family members, so he opened presents for days it seemed like!! I actually got a lot of time off around Christmas so we got to spend 5 days in North Platte with family and we really enjoyed it. Austin is starting to play with Logan more and Logan thinks Austin is just hilarious, so even though he cant really move yet, he loves to just sit there and laugh at Austin.

Where to start.......

Well, its been wayyy too long since I posted last and there are lots of things that have happened since.....lets see..... Logan is now almost 8 months old. His eating and sleeping has regressed. He only sleeps throught the night about twice a week now, other then that he still gets up at 3:30-4:30 am....I have tried everything I can think of to fix this....we have tried letting him cry and he is one stubborn little booger, he has screamed for over 1 hr 45 minutes and I finally just gave in...I couldnt bare to hear him scream anymore. The thing is, he doesnt even want to eat. If I just bring him into our bed, he goes right back to I'm not sure if he just wakes up and is scared that he's all alone or what. Which is also weird because we put him in his crib wide awake at bedtime and he puts himself to sleep on his own the first time, but cant put himself back to sleep?!?!? As you can tell, this is extremely frustrating for me:):) As far as eating goes I am starting to wonder if he is going to be going to kindergarten and still only drinking his meals!!! He absolutely hates babyfood, refuses to eat it completely and I can't quite say I blame him. And I have pretty much given up on even trying to give it to him since he is getting old enough he can eat "people food" now. But the problem is he isnt really to keen on people food either. He pretty much refuses to eat anything off a fork or spoon for fear that we are tricking him into eating baby little cookie:):) But, somedays he will eat some people food off a finger, or if he can pick it up...and then some days he wont eat an solid food.....once again I find this super frustrating!!! I am definitely taking the bottle away at 1 year so if he isnt eating more solid food by then I guess it will get interesting:):) Up until a few days ago he was still immobile...Matt had said he saw him roll a couple times around 3-4 months, but nothing since...but he finally rolled over again over Christmas break. No crawling yet, and no real rolling since, but we'll see......He is still growing like a weed, he is now in 12 month clothing and can wear 18 months with the sleeves and pants despite his lack of eating he is apparently getting plenty of nutrition!! He has two bottom teeth and since they have came in his smile has changed...its pretty funny, he now smiles and just out his bottom jaw as if to show off his new pearly whites:):)